LAN Manager

LAN Manager is a matchmaking system for LAN (local area network) games. LAN Manager is not a standalone product, but a plug-in built for the Unity game engine. This plug-in helps you to easily broadcast your game server throughout the local network, as well as searching for other game servers that run on LAN Manager.


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  • Support Unity 5
  • Support Personal & Pro versions
  • Minimal coding
  • No knowledge of UDP networking is required
  • Display servers information such as server name, map name, player name, number of players, maximum number of players, password requirement, etc.
  • Automatically compile servers that are found in the local area network into a list that can be used by developers
  • Well integrated with Unity, since it uses only the Unity and .NET API
  • Tested only on PC, but should be able to run on all other platforms except Unity webplayer and WebGL

Latest version: 1.0 (3 June 2015)

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